We are
Created to CREATE

I want to be a part of your story. Let us collaborate and create.
I’m Elizabeth. Over 30 years old and I’m only just beginning to pursue life. Millennials. A funny word that cannot describe one generation in its core essence. We’re meaning machines. We want to know why. We are desperate to know why, and my generation refuses to keep quiet with the hope to create a better future.

I’ve met who some people may call God (others may call it universe, spirit, being, ultimate reality, some people call it Allah or Elohim - whatever you prefer), and I’ve stared at the divine straight in the face at a moment of despair. Since then, I’m on a pursuit to live up to what I’ve already attained…unabounding, limitless love. This driving force of love is what inspires me to act as a part of this narrative unfolding before us. We are part of a bigger story. We are all instruments of this love driving the story forward.

So here’s the deal, I’ll try to push myself to see just exactly what I’m capable of capturing through the art of filmmaking. The why is love. I’m in search of the what. What good are we capable of? What good can we produce? These are the stories I want to tell.

I refuse to conform to the world. There’s ALWAYS a different way to see things. This is called transformation. On this non-conformist, transformational journey, I promise to be as truthful as possible and always try to produce goodness with benevolent intention. I want to create a narrative with those who envision the future to be better than it is today. Charitable organizations, foundations, non-profits, solo or corporate, I'm talking to you.

I want to materialize your imagination. So, care to join me?